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Following a publicised meeting held on 15th April 2016 at which the extent of the neighbourhood area was discussed and agreed, an application submission was subsequently made to Runnymede Borough Council. The area was designated on the 24th August 2016.

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Approval of Thorpe Neighbourhood Area and Forum


The Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Thorpe Neighbourhood Area was designated by the Borough Council on the 24th August 2016. The details of the Forum and the Area are as follows:


Name of the Neighbourhood Forum: Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum

Name of the Neighbourhood Area:    Thorpe Neighbourhood Area


Prior to designation, Runnymede Borough Council undertook consultation through promotional activities on the applications to designate a Thorpe Neighbourhood Forum and Area. No comments were received on the Forum application but two comments were received on the area application.


The agreed Thorpe Neighbourhood Area map can be downloaded here.

Map of Thorpe Neighbourhood Area
Map of Thorpe Neighbourhood Area as designated by RBC on 24th August 2016
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